About Me.

Certified Analyst and Senior Consultant with 7+ years of experience.
An Alumnus of
-IIM Calcutta (EPYM)
-NIT Calicut(B.Tech in ECE)
-University of Calicut (Diploma in Network Engineering).

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My Skills.

Organized, Hard worker & Excellent communication skills

Business Analysis

- BCS Certified Analyst,
- Project Management

SAP Leonardo

- S4 HANA - SCM, PL2P & QM
- Cloud, IOT & Blockchain

Clean Coder

- C++, JAVA & Python
- Node JS & ABAP/UI5

Regular Trader

- Active Trader at BSE/NSE

Web Design

- HTML5 and more.

Automation Testing

- Work soft

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Muhsin Villan

Mon - Fri 09:00 – 18:00

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